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Get Your Outdoor Space Ready for Summer

June 24, 2021

It’s officially summer and it’s time to enjoy some time outside! Here are five easy ways to turn your outdoor space into a beautiful garden oasis.

Furniture – Take a good look at your outdoor furniture. Does it need a fresh coat of paint or finish? Does it need any repairs? Making sure that your furniture looks good will help give a good first impression and make your space feel comfortable. This is also a good time to consider if you need additional seating, tables, an ottoman, or storage. 

Lighting – A beautifully lit patio or deck will keep you going into the evening. Besides providing an illuminating space, strategically placed lights can highlight design elements in your home and yard and create an inviting atmosphere for your guests. Even a simple strand of globe light string lights can help brighten the space.

Shade – On the flip side of lighting is making sure you have enough shade. Too much sun can ruin an otherwise enjoyable day. Look at your outdoor space throughout the day to know where the sun is and where you will need to add some shade. A large patio umbrella, sail shade, pergola, or curtains can help provide some much-needed shade so you can enjoy the space all day long. 

Fire/Water Feature – Gathering around the fireplace or firepit for friendly conversation and a good smores is a perfect way to enjoy a summer evening. From built-ins to portable and wood-burning to gas, there are fire features for all preferences. A water feature like a spring or fountain is another great way to add another relaxing element to your outdoor space. While water features look impressive, there are many easy-to-install options available.  

Finishing Touches – Just like decorating inside your home, the details make a difference in your outdoor space. Be sure to add finishing touches like seasonal potted plants, bright throw pillows or rugs, hurricane glass and candles, cool outdoor art, or some pretty outdoor dishes when dining al fresco are the finishing touches that can help make your outdoor space feel like an extension of your house. 

With some planning and a little work, your updated outdoor space will be the perfect backdrop for sun-filled days and warm summer evenings with family and friends.   

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