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Electrical Planning for Your New Home

June 7, 2022

If you’re building a new home from the ground up a crucial element of your build will be the electrical plan. When choosing to build from scratch, Halen Homes offers you the opportunity to go through your plan with your New Home Specialist and Designer. It’s during these times that you’ll be able to make important decisions regarding your electrical and light fixture layout. 

Rough electrical is run during the framing portion of your build, therefore these choices need to be made before the building starts. Items such as dimmers or smart switches can always be upgraded and switched out as you grow into the home. Here are the three most important things to think about when it comes to the electrical plan for your home.


What type of fixture do you want for each space? Do you prefer the seamless visual of recessed can lighting or do you want a statement-making light fixture? We recommend going room-by-room through your floor plans, deciding on the type of lighting you want in each space. For bathrooms, do you prefer wall-mounted vanity fixtures, wall sconces, or overhead lighting? For bedrooms, do you need ceiling fans, overhead lighting, or both? After deciding on lighting for each room, you’ll be able to refine the exact placement of that lighting with your sales and design team.


One of the more commonly overlooked items in a build is electrical outlets. Correct placement and the number of outlets can affect the comfort and convenience of your new home. Give special consideration to bedside outlets, cell phone chargers, and decorative lamp placement. If your proposed furniture layout includes table lamps, you may want to consider adding floor outlets to your new home. We will help guide you on the placement of outlets and switches while keeping you informed of what the building code will require. 


Once you’ve covered the basics, it’s time to consider those “extras” you may want to add to your new home. Have you contemplated under cabinet lighting or built-in USB outlets? Or maybe a motion-sensor pantry light? These features can make day-to-day living a little more convenient. Give specific thought to your wish list of extras and prioritize them based on need. Your New Home Specialist will be able to help you navigate that wish list and decide which items are best to add now versus later. 

With a little preparation and the support of your sales and design team, you’ll be able to plan for all your electrical needs, allowing you to live a more simplified life in your new Halen home. 

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